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A symbol for kilo.

A symbol for kelvin.
A symbol for potassium.

A symbol for effective multiplication factor.

The SI standard unit of temperature.

Symbol: K.

A unit prefix equivalent to 103.

Symbol: k.

kiloelectron volts
A unit of energy equivalent to 1,000 electron volts.

Symbol: keV.
Related to electron volt.

A unit of electrical potential defined as 1,000 volts.

Symbol: kV.
Related to volt.

A unit of power equivalent to 1,000 watts.

Symbol: kW.
Related to watt.

A unit of energy defined as exactly 3.6×106 J.

Symbol: kWhr.
Related to joule.
Related to watt-hour.

A symbol for krypton.

A chemical element with atomic number 36. Krypton was discovered in the residue of liquified air in 1898 by Sir William Ramsay and Morris William Traverse. The name krypton is derived from kryptos, Greek for hidden.

Symbol: Kr.
Related to noble gases.

A unit of electrical potential defined as 1,000 volts.

Symbol: kV.

kinetic energy
Energy possessed by a particle, nucleon, nucleus, atom or other body by virtue of its motion.

(obsolete term)
A synonym for rutherfordium.

A symbol for kilovolt.
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