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A symbol for oxygen.

occupational dose
An individual’s ionizing radiation dose (external and internal) as a result of that individual's work assignment. Occupational dose does not include doses received as a medical patient or doses resulting from background radiation or participation as a subject in medical research programs.

Reference: 10CFR835.2.

operational decontamination
Decontamination carried out by an individual and/or a unit, restricted to specific parts of operationally essential equipment, materiel and/or working areas, in order to minimize contact and transfer hazards and to sustain operations. This may include decontamination of the individual beyond the scope of immediate decontamination, as well as decontamination of mission-essential spares and limited terrain decontamination.

Related to decontamination.
Related to immediate decontamination.
Related to radioactive contamination.
Related to thorough decontamination.

A symbol for ortho positronium.

organ weighting factor
A synonym for tissue weighting factor.
Reference: ICRP Publication 60.

ortho positronium
An atom-like system composed of a positron and an electron whose spins are parallel, in a triplet state. The mean life of ortho positronium is 10-7 s.

Symbol: o-Ps.
Related to para positronium.
Related to positron.
Related to positronium.
Related to triplet state.

A symbol for osmium.

A chemical element with atomic number 76. Osmium was discovered in 1803 by Charles Tennant while conducting experiments on crude platinum and aqua regina. The name osmium is derived from osme, Greek for an odd smell.

Symbol: Os.
Related to transition metals.

An unusual unit of cross section defined as 10-6 barns, a microbarn. Note that an outhouse is smaller than a barn but larger than a shed.

Related to barn.
Related to shed.

A chemical element with atomic number 8. Although Karl Wilhelm Scheele first observed oxygen in 1772, Joseph Prisetly is credited with its 1775 discovery. The name oxygen is derived from oxys, Greek for acid producing.

Symbol: O.
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