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A symbol for quality factor.
Reference: 10CFR20.1003; DOE G 421.1-1.

quality factor
A measure of the effectiveness of a radiation at producing injury in a biological system. It is dependent on the linear energy transfer of a radiation. The dose times the quality factor is known as an equivalent dose. The quality factor has been superceded by the radiation weighting factor in the definition of the equivalent dose, except for calculations.

   x-rays: QF = 1
   Gamma Rays: QF = 1
   Beta Particles: QF = 1
   Neutrons, Unknown Energy: QF = 10
   High-Energy Protons: QF = 10
   Alpha Particles: QF = 20
   Multiple-Charged Particle: QF = 20
   Heavy particles, unknown charge: QF = 20
   Fission Fragments: QF = 20
   Neutrons E less than 1x10-3 MeV: QF = 2
   Neutrons E = 0.001 MeV: QF = 2.5
   Neutrons E = 0.01 MeV: QF = 7.5
   Neutrons E = 0.1 MeV: QF = 11
   Neutrons E = 0.5 MeV: QF = 9
   Neutrons E = 1 MeV: QF = 8
   Neutrons E = 2.5 MeV: QF = 7
   Neutrons E = 5 MeV: QF = 6.5
   Neutrons E = 7 MeV: QF = 7.5
   Neutrons E = 10 MeV: QF = 8
   Neutrons E = 14 MeV: QF = 7
   Neutrons E = 20 MeV: QF = 5.5
   Neutrons E = 40 MeV: QF = 4
   Neutrons E = 60 MeV: QF = 3.5
   Neutrons E ≥100 MeV: QF = 3.5.

Symbol: QF.
Related to dose equivalent.
Related to roentgen equivalent man.
Related to sievert.
Reference: 10CFR20.1003; NUREG-0544, Rev. 4.

The combination of an individuals physical attributes and technical, academic, and practical knowledge and skills developed through training, education, and on-the-job performance.

Reference: 10CFR835.

(1) To limit or stop a continuous discharge in a gas ionization detector.

(2) To attenuate the light output in a scintillation medium.

The energy released in a nuclear reaction or in radioactive decay as calculated from the difference in total energy (including rest mass) of the products (product nuclei and ejectiles) and reactants (target nuclei and projectiles). When applied to radioactive decay, the target nucleus is the parent nuclide, the daughter nucleus is the product nuclide, and there is no projectile.

Symbol: Q.
Synonym: reaction energy
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