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A symbol for uranium.

ultra cold neutron
A neutron with an energy less than 2x10-7 eV.

Related to cold neutron.
Related to continuum region neutron.
Related to epithermal neutron.
Related to fast neutron.
Related to low energy region neutron.
Related to resonance region neutron.
Related to slow neutron.
Related to thermal neutron.
Related to very cold neutron.

(obsolete term)
A synonym for seaborgium.

(obsolete term)
A synonym for hassium.

(obsolete term)
A synonym for dubnium.

Symbol: Unp.

(obsolete term)
A synonym for rutherfordium.

Symbol: Unq.

(obsolete term)
A synonym for bohrium.

unrestricted area
Any area, access to which is not controlled by the licensee for purposes of protection of individuals from exposure to radiation and radioactive materials, and any area used for residential quarters.

References: 10CFR20, 10CFR60.
Related to controlled area.
Related to restricted area.

unsealed source
Radioactive material that is not encapsulated in plastic or some other permanent container.

unstable isotope
(colloguial term)
A synonym for radioactive nuclide.

Material injected into the body or absorbed through the gastrointestinal or respiratory tracks.

Related to intake.

A chemical element with atomic number 92. Uranium was discovered in 1789 by Martin Heinrich Klaproth though it was not until 1842 that it was successfully isolated by Eugéne-Melchior Péligot. The name uranium is derived from the planet Uranus.

Symbol: U.

uranium decay series
The nuclides fed in the radioactive decay of 238U including all daughters through stable 206Pb. Also known as the (4n+2) series because each member of the series has a mass equivalent to (4n+2), where n is an integer.

Synonym: uranium-radium series.
Synonym: uranium series.
Related to actinium decay series.
Related to thorium decay series.

uranium enrichment
The process of increasing the isotopic abundance of the isotope 235U.

uranium-radium series
A synonym for uranium decay series.

uranium series
A synonym for uranium decay series.
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