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A symbol for vanadium.
A symbol for volt.

A chemical element with atomic number 23. Vandium was discovered in 1801 by Andrès del Rio although he was unable to convince other scientists that it was more than just impure chromium. Vanadium was re-discovered in 1831 by Nils Sefström, and was named after Vanadis, a Scandanavian goddess.

Symbol: V.
Related to transition metals.

very cold neutron
A neutron with an energy greater than or equal to 2x10-7 eV and less than 5x10-5 eV.

Related to cold neutron.
Related to continuum region neutron.
Related to epithermal neutron.
Related to fast neutron.
Related to low energy region neutron.
Related to resonance region neutron.
Related to slow neutron.
Related to thermal neutron.
Related to ultra cold neutron.

very high radiation area
An area, accessible to individuals, in which radiation levels could result in an individual receiving an absorbed dose in excess of 500 rads (5 grays) in 1 hour at 1 meter from a radiation source or from any surface that the radiation penetrates. Note: At very high doses received at high dose rates, units of absorbed dose (e.g., rads and grays) are appropriate, rather than units of dose equivalent (e.g., rems and sieverts).

Reference: 10CFR20.
Related to high radiation area.
Related to radiation area.

A bubble of gas in the coolant or a larger loss of coolant in the reactor core.

The SI standard unit of electric potential defined as 1.0 W÷A.

Symbol: V.
Related to abvolt.
Related to statvolt.
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