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A symbol for watt.
A symbol for tungsten.

For gaseous isotope diffusion it is the material depleted in a given isotope.

Related to feed.
Related to product.

waste characterization
The identification of waste composition and properties, whether by review of process knowledge, nondestructive examination or assay, or sampling and analysis, to determine appropriate storage, treatment, handling, transportation, and disposal requirements.

waste container
A receptacle for waste, including any liner or shielding material that is intended to accompany the waste in disposal.

waste form
The radioactive waste materials and any encapsulating or stabilizing matrix.

Reference: 10CFR60.

waste package
(1) The waste, waste container, and any absorbent that are intended for disposal as a unit. In the case of surface contaminated, damaged, leaking, or breached waste packages, any overpack shall be considered the waste container, and the original container shall be considered part of the waste.

(2) The waste form and any containers, shielding, packing and other absorbent materials immediately surrounding an individual waste container.

Reference: 10CFR60.

A unit of power defined as the consumption or conversion of 1 Joule of energy per second.

Symbol: W.

A unit of energy defined as exactly 3.6x103 J.

weighting factor
A measure of the effectiveness of a radiation at producing injury in a biological system. It is dependent on the linear energy transfer of a radiation. The dose times the quality factor is known as a dose equivalent. Gonads: wT = 0.25; Breast: wT = 0.15; Red Bone Marrow: wT = 0.12; Lung: wT = 0.12; Thyroid: wT = 0.03; Bone Surface: wT = 0.03; Remainder: wT = 0.30; Whole Body: wT = 1.00.

References: 10CFR20, 10CFR70.
Symbol: wT.
Related to effective dose equivalent.

well logging
All operations involving the lowering and raising of measuring devices or tools which contain licensed material or are used to detect licensed materials in wells for the purpose of obtaining information about the well or adjacent formations which may be used in oil, gas, mineral, groundwater, or geological exploration.

Reference: 10CFR39.

whole body counter
A radiation detection device consisting of an array of large scintillation detectors. The detector array is designed to monitor for low-level gamma-ray activity from radioactive nuclides absorbed in the body.

Synonym: whole body monitor.

whole body monitor
A synonym for whole body counter.

(1) Material that acts as a gas or other barrier which is transparent to radiation. Photon or ion beams are often created in a vacuum and then passed through a window into the atmosphere.

(2) A device that provides both upper level and lower level discrimination for radiation or an electronic signal. Radiation discrimination can be based on wavelength or some other physical property. Electronic discrimination can be based on voltage, frequency, of some other property of the signal.

An acronym for working level.

An acronym for working-level month.

A synonym for tungsten.

working level
Any combination of short-lived radon daughters in 1 liter of air that will result in the ultimate emission of 1.30×105 MeV of potential alpha particle energy. For 220Rn Daughters: The nuclides 216Po, 212Pb, 212Bi, and 212Po. For 222Rn Daughters: The nuclides 218Po, 214Pb, 214Bi, and 214Po.

Reference: 10CFR20.

working level month
An exposure to 1 working level for 170 hours. This duration is derived from taking 2,000 working hours per year, dividing by 12 months per year, and rounding to 170 hours.

Reference: 10CFR20.
Acronym: WLM.

A synonym for reactivity worth.

A symbol for tissue weighting factor.
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