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Meet the Author!

   Craig A. Stone, Ph.D.
Craig is founder and CEO of Scientific Digital Visions, Inc. He is author of the software application MacNuclide, an exceptionally intuitive nuclear database graphical interface that took the world by storm during the earliest days of the modern desktop computer. Since those days, he has built his company producing software technology products designed around a simple theme: to never add apples and oranges. Craig specializes in developing strategies for maintaining the integrity of data across the computing topography. In this role, he has operated as a contractor and collaborator with numerous federal agencies and national laboratories, and has served as an invited member of several U.S. delegations to international bodies. Information on his company is located at

Craig also has an expertise in special district and corporate governance. He serves as a director of the Midway Heights County Water District, a position he attained by public election. His director education efforts have involved researching best practices for special district governance. Craig has embodied his work in an upcoming publication titled The Essential Guide for Water District Directors.

Craig is particularly active in developing and promoting best practices in corporate governance. He is an active member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD). Most recently, he launched a new chapter of the NACD together with some exceptional corporate governance leaders. The chapter, known as NACD Northern California, encompasses a broad region from San Francisco through Sacramento and Northward. Craig serves as a founding director and president of the chapter. More information on these activities is located at

Craig has a B.S. degree in radiochemistry from San Jose State University and a Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry from the University of Maryland, College Park. He has additional training and skills in analytical and environmental chemistry, the nuclear fuel cycle, and his pocket protector is loaded with the typical geeky acronym-laden programming skills held by modern programming gurus. Craig is also a trained concert organist and owns two pipe organs that he restored and maintains. Craig’s musical specialty is Baroque and 20th century American music.

A theme of Craig’s background is curiosity, critical thinking, and leveraging apparently disparate opportunities to realize greater outcomes. This Language of the Nucleus glossary is an example. Craig produced a small glossary in support of a federal grant. Following the end of the grant, he continued exploring the intriguing but largely unconsolidated mapping of nuclear terminology. His efforts have produced the world’s largest collection of nuclear terms, a subset of which is provided here as a free service. We hope you will agree, the energy and ingenuity of Dr. Stone has provided our community a great resource.

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